Payroll and Human Capital Services

Payroll and Human Capital management are often viewed as non-core functions  but they are critical to the efficient operation of a company.  Compliance with local taxation, legislation and regulations can be challenging to negotiate, particularly for foreign entities. With this in mind, outsourcing provides the perfect solution.

We focus on managing & developing your payroll and human capital functions while you have more time to dedicate to your core business.

Payroll Services

Our expert professional team uses the latest technology & software to provide a solution that will fit your company’s needs.

Our stress-free and peace-of-mind solution offers:

  • Managing the complete payroll process, from correctly interpreting employee work hours to capturing employee information and data to providing employee salary deposits and pay slips
  • Compliance with ever-changing labour, tax and other laws and regulations and proactively adapting to any changes
  • On-time processing, employee and tax authority payments and reporting
  • Dedicated team, accessible at all times
  • Assurance of employee privacy

Human Capital Services

The PacMoz support centre will assist you to effectively manage one of your company’s most valuable assets – your employees.  We provide cost-effective employment support that is fully compliant with local labour laws and regulations.

What does payroll include?

On a monthly basis:

  • Weekly / bi-weekly / monthly salary preparation & processing
  • Employee payments – local and international
  • Submission to all public entities
  • Reports

At Year-end:

  • Year-end employee tax certificate
  • Year-end employee tax submission

What is included in Human Capital Services?

  • Employment agreements – local and foreign workers
  • Application of internal regulations
  • Disciplinary proceedings